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BrokenLinkCheck's leading link checking solution helps webmasters in more then 200 countries world-wide to effectively maintain hyperlinks on their websites and web portals. Hundreds of people use our service on a daily basis to check their sites (and their customers') for link problems. Some of those sites are small personal ones but some belong to well-known brands and institutions. We are very proud to have all of them among our clients, support their web development initiatives by providing reliable link checking services, and simply to make life of their web-masters little bit easier - that's somewhat important when you have to deal with thousands or millions of webpages each every day, and when a single trusted tool can make a huge difference - by taking care of one of the most tiresome and tedious tasks a web designer/developer can possibly face - finding broken links!

Major Bank Microsoft Large Bank Leading Health Insurance Company
National Geographic - Education IT Consulting Web Secutity Provider Photo/Video Superstore Asia's Leading Communication Provider
Your Favorite Tea London 2012 Olympic Games Work & Travel Resource Memory Strorage Manufacturer
Education Technology University Global IT company Online Collaboration Global Airline Network
Sports Merchandise ASP.NET Open-source CMS Telecom Leading Global Manufacturer
Best Motorcycles Global Service Provider Vehicle Manufacturer Humanities College
Software vendor Child Development Org Internationl Education Institution Media
Wealth Creation Company Hospital Education Resources Source of Medical Information Innovative Telecom Products
Timeout Australia College College University
Clarion University Educational Institution State Educational Institution Online Fashion Store Network Management Products
Educational Resources Health Non-profit Information manager IT Management Solution
Agency for French Teaching Abroad State Agency Social Software Vendor Sport Solutions Education Consulting
Global Action-Research-Policy Network Medical Services Academic Group Car Marketplace
Link Care - Gate Automation Supplier Municipality Academic resources Debt recovery soulutions Payment solutions
Currency Exchange Vancouver Airport Academic Services Joint Office of Gas Transporters
Link Care - Gate Automation Supplier Digital Agency Safety solutions Health-care Consultancy Lawn and Garden Tools Supplier
Sport Footwear National Forest Campgrounds Health Association Medical Recovery Services
Health Clearing House Business Networking for Students Career Solutions Community Informational Services Environmental Policies
Cultural Institution Health Services Medical Services Planning District
Municipality Recreational Services Health Care Economic Development Manufacturing Consul
Youngster Services Health Services Medical Services Hospitality Consultings
Boat Owner Association Leading Hospital Work & Travel Eesource Emergency Operations Manufacturing Consul
Art Shop Municipality English Heritage Event Management System
Machinery Superstore Digital Architects NBC Olympics London Web Development & e-Marketing Joint Office of Gas Transporters
Leader in Industrial Automation Computer Services Prestigious Colledge Event Management System
Regional Info Machinery Superstore National Heritage Society Advanced Consmetics Law Firm
Art Shop Entertainment Information Provider Software Services Responsive Web Design
Tint & Auto Accessories Creative Gigital Agency Web Design Plasmid Repository (Science) IT Solutions

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